COVID 19 LIAISE - Project 01

Embedding COVID-19 preparedness into local disaster risk reduction


Deliverable 01

A state of the art report on the extent to which COVID-19 preparedness planning is currently embedded and integrated at the national level DRR planning as a biological hazard (D1)

Deliverable 02

A synthesis report on how can public health aspects be integrated with DRR and resilience planning, in combatting the dual challenges (D2)

Deliverable 03

A multi stakeholder transition pathway for integrated and localised public health aspects (D3).

Deliverable 04

Policy paper (detailing out the guidelines) on systemic risks with cascading impacts (D4)

Deliverable 05

Minimum of three jointly authored, peer reviewed journal papers published in high impact SCOPUS indexed journals (D5)

Deliverable 06

Minimum two conference presentations. (D6)

Deliverable 07

Jointly edit a special issue of the Scopus indexed International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment (D7)

Deliverable 08

Two training workshops with stakeholders (graduate students and local government units) (D8)

Deliverable 09

One capacity development mission (D9)