COVID 19 LIAISE - Project 02

Integrating pandemic preparedness and disaster risk reduction to protect economic assets and people in the 'new normal' for the Greater Bandung Metropolitan area of Indonesia


The proposal addresses the Disaster Management and Climate Change thematic priority areas of the UK – Indonesia Science Technology Fund. It will develop novel, integrated risk reduction strategies that can protect centres of economic growth and development outcomes in urban agglomerations within the Bandung Metropolitan area, while also having wider relevance across Indonesia. Through a stakeholder map of DRR, CCA and with disaster management actors as well as with health actors at the West Java Provincial and related City/Regency levels (i.e. City of Bandung, City of Cimahi, Regency of Bandung, Regency of West Bandung and Regency of Sumedang), and a series of multi-actor dialogues, the project will adapt the multi stakeholder transition pathway and develop a clear policy brief on mainstreaming DRR,

CCA and pandemic preparedness into Greater Bandung’s urban agglomeration development plan. A systematic review of the global literature base on pandemic preparedness, drawing upon COVID-19 but also experiences from MERS and SARS, will be used to inform the dialogue, and ultimately the pathways and policy brief. The pathway will provide a framework to support the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning, and DRR, CCA and health actors at the Provincial and City level in the Greater Bandung Metropolitan area, including communication and collaboration channels between these communities, action plans and capacity building that can be adapted locally. The project will reduce disaster risk, including human and economic losses, increase pandemic preparedness, and create more resilient, connected communities. It will foster multi-stakeholder involvement in development processes and equal participation of groups who are often excluded, such as women, children and youth, and people with disabilities. It will directly contribute to Indonesia’s efforts in working towards the targets set out in the 2015 DRR (Sendai Framework), Climate Change and SDGs.