COVID 19 LIAISE - Project 01

Embedding COVID-19 preparedness into local disaster risk reduction


Risk has become systemic. Our approach cannot be divided into categories that are then assigned to health authorities, disaster management agencies or early warning centres. A better understanding of these issues will lay the foundation for better approaches for epidemic and pandemic preparedness.

The specific objectives of our project are to:


Explore the extent to which COVID-19 preparedness planning is currently embedded at national level DRR planning as a biological hazard


Identify how public health aspects be better integrated into DRR and resilience planning, in combatting the dual challenges of other disasters and COVID-19


Identify mechanisms on how public health aspects (including COVID preparedness planning) can be "localised" with other hazards


Develop guidelines to consider COVID-19 risks from many angles and work in a collaborative way, linking national to local stakeholders in order to fight systemic risks, which is joined up and cascading