COVID 19 LIAISE - Project 02

Integrating pandemic preparedness and disaster risk reduction to protect economic assets and people in the 'new normal' for the Greater Bandung Metropolitan area of Indonesia


Building upon our previous work;

1. Multi-stakeholder transition pathway

Deliverable I

Stakeholder map of actors involved in COVID-19 within a transboundary, multi-hazard institutional, vertical and horizontal arrangement, at the Provincial, Metropolitan area and City/Regency levels

Deliverable II

A series of policy dialogues in the Greater Bandung Metropolitan area to incorporate DRR and CCA into development planning for the 'new normal'

Deliverable III

Briefing paper on pandemic preparedness in urban agglomerations, drawing upon global case studies and dialogue results

2. Capacity building

Deliverable I

Infographics that illustrate multi-hazard disaster risk in urban agglomerations

Deliverable II

Open educational resources for pandemic preparedness in urban agglomerations

Deliverable III

Training workshop for provincial and city stakeholders in the Greater Bandung Metropolitan area

Deliverable IV

Minimum of two journal papers submitted

Deliverable V

Special issue of International Journal on Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment on pandemic preparedness in development planning